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for October 2017

Photo by Thomas Scott Nelson.

Moorpark Celebrates 60 Years Since Running on Atomic Power
by Michele Willer-Allred
It was 60 years ago this month that Moorpark made the history books by becoming the first community in the nation to be completely powered by nuclear energy. At exactly 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 12, 1957, the town went dark after being taken off the Southern California Edison power grid.The lights reappeared about 20 seconds later, but this time electricity was powered by a nuclear reactor at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory right outside of Simi Valley.
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Weird and Wacky News
by Chris "Walter Winchell" Carnicell 

From around the globe, down the street, and up your alley, here's what happening in the world… and it's all true!
At the corner of Front Street in New Westminster is a new $200K emergency exit stairway for a local building. It’s not an art project, but it might as well be one, because it goes to… nowhere!."
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